Google reCaptcha to replace annoying Captcha spam control

A website contact form with Google's Recaptcha attached

A lot of Internet users are aware of Captcha. These are the little images you get at the bottom of forms like contact forms and signup forms that have hard-to-read characters in them. For example, one captcha may give you some random letters and a few numbers, which you have to work out what they are and enter them into the box underneath.

Like us at CSB Design, we hate Captchas because your site visitors can waste a lot of time trying to work them out. That's why we use other spam protection on our Drupal websites and try to avoid using Captchas.

Like us, you may be pleased to learn that Google are replacing their ReCaptcha - with what they call the 'No Captcha reCaptcha'. From now on, Google will present you with a simple question - 'Are you a robots? All you have to do from now on is tick that you're not.