Monthly Search Engine Optimisation - Task Checklist

People often ask what regular tasks should be carried out on their websites to maintain regular search engine optimisation and help to stay above competitors in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

We've put together a small checklist of tasks that can be carried out regularly on your site to help maintain it's search engine optimisation.

  1. Update your website's XML sitemap document with any pages that have recently been added - then resubmit this sitemap to your webmasters accounts
  2. Reword the meta tags for each page on your site - maybe just tweak them and change around keywords
  3. Change around the text in the image ALT and href title attributes by adding and changing the keywords used within them
  4. Make ammendments to the content already on your site
  5. Add new, fresh content to the site - blog posts, comments, new pages, images etc.
  6. Run a W3C Compliance check on your site to ensure it's still compliant at
  7. Check your Bing & Google Webmasters accounts for any issues with the site, if you have set it up to work with them
  8. Check your Google Analytics accounts to see what's working, what's not, keywords being used, landing pages, bounce rate etc.
  9. Update your social accounts - Facebook, Twitter etc. and post links back to your site
  10. Link building - get in contact with other websites and ask them to post a link back to yours - DON'T just use one of these services that promise to post hundreds of links back as this won't work!!

Generally by making changes to your website, keeping it up to date and fresh as well as adding new content, you should keep the search engines coming back to your site and reindexing it - try not to make huge changes to the site though such as re-designing it too often.