Project Loon - An Internet Connection from Space!

A picture of space - stars in the night sky

Did you know that about two-thirds of the World’s population doesn’t have Internet access – this includes people that live in remote areas of the World.

Project Loon aims to have a network of ‘balloons’ which travel on the edge of space. These balloons are designed to connect those people on Earth that have little or no Internet access as they live in remove and rural areas. The balloons will also help to bring Internet users back online after disasters occur.

The Loon balloons work by floating around the Stratosphere where there are multiple layers of wind that blow in different directions. The balloons will travel to where they are needed by ascending or descending to a layer of wind that will take it to where it needs to go.

Internet users on Earth will connect to these balloons using special Internet antennas attached to their homes/offices. It works by sending a signal from the antenna on your home to the balloon network in space, and then back down to Earth.

Why not visit the Project Loon website to find out more!