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We'd like to introduce you to Georgina from The Condiment Company. The Condiment Co a family business selling award-winning mayonnaise, sauces, dips and salad dressings since 1986. Georgina contacted us here at Media Matters Web Design because she was really fed up with her website. The main specification for the Condiment Co's new website, aside from it looking amazing, was for Georgina and her team to be able to make changes quickly and easily. “Our previous website was difficult and time consuming to update and as a result, our site remained pretty untouched for some time.” Georgina Phillips, The Condiment Co. We worked with Georgina to produce a website that looks great and showcases her famous products in a brand new ecommerce store. Even more importantly, Georgina can now make changes and add products quickly with our easy to use Content Management System (CMS). Read more about the Condiment Co project One of the main benefits of having a team of in-house web designers and developers is we work closely together to ensure your website will look great and be functional and easy to use. The publishing platform we use is called Drupal. Drupal’s flexibility handles countless content types including video, text, images, blog, podcasts, files, and polls with robust user management, menu handling, real-time statistics and optional revision control. We make it easy for you to connect your website to other sites and services across the web. Drupal’s focus on social publishing will help your users to stay in touch without having to leave your site. Integrating with social networking sites such as Face Book and Twitter helps expand your network and make your product or message more engaging to a wider audience, which also assists in better search engine rankings. Upon completion of your website, our in-house team will offer you a complete training package where you will learn how to update and change the content of your website. Ongoing support is also available for a reasonable amount of time thereafter. This is a standard feature offered to all of our customers. We also offer an after care package and on-going support for our clients who wish to increase their search engine rankings.

Last year, Communications Regulator Ofcom reported that UK adults now spend more time using technology devices than they did sleeping. UK adults spend an average 8 hours and 41 minutes a day on media devices compared with the average night’s sleep of 8 hours and 21 minutes. So when we say there has never been a better time to have an online presence we really mean it. In addition, online spending has increased significantly over the past few years. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that 76% of British adults accessed the internet everyday – rising by 21 million people since 2006. Internet shopping has grown in popularity with 74% of adults buying goods and services online last year. The most significant increase in on-line purchasing however, is from the over 65’s seeing 40% buying online in 2014 compared to only 16% in 2008. If you have products to sell we can help you showcase them in the best light. Whether you are looking to improve your existing retail platform or would like to develop a custom made e- commerce store, Media Matters can create a platform that provides the features and options that will complement your business. Give Media Matters a call today to see how we can generate more on-line sales for you with our easy to use e-commerce solutions.

Web Development
Are you frustrated with how your current website performs? Perhaps you find adding content to your site difficult, confusing or even very expensive - especially if you are asking a company to do it for you? These are common complaints we hear from new clients all the time. Usually, this is because their existing sites are unnecessarily over complicated behind the scenes making updating their website very hard work; often resulting in changes not being made and the site becoming increasingly dated. We want to make sure that your website looks the bees knees but we also know how important it is for your website to function properly in the background. The development part of your website build is like the engine of a car; the engine is built into the car, and although not many people see it or think about it, the engine is essential to the effective running of the vehicle. We will work collaboratively with you to establish how you would like the engine of your website to function. What would you like to be able to do quickly and easily yourself? What you would like added to your website to make it perfect for your business needs? We will then work closely with you to ensure that all of the design and functionality of your new website is fit for purpose. Content Management System (CMS) Whether it is keeping your content fresh, adding photographs, blogs and video, new products in your online store, or adding new pages for a marketing campaign, you can do it all with our easy to use Content Management System. When your website is ready we will offer you a full training package on how to manage the content of your own website. Is your website Mobile Ready? If it is not, it really should be. We can help to ensure your website looks good regardless of the device that your website is being viewed on. So no more scrolling, pinching and moving or even worse, people leaving your site because they just can’t use it or see it properly. Think we can help? Call us today!